First time in history, a crypto mixer put on the U.S. Sanction list to freeze the flow of stolen crypto in the DeFi space – How effective is it?

Why care? In March the Axie Infinity’s Ronin Bridge was hacked and $625 million stolen, supposedly by North-Korean cyber criminals. What is special of the crypto-hack this time? Its scale, one of the biggest in history, its malicious actors, a Nation-backed criminal cyber group (Lazarus), and particularly its novel means of enforcement. In this short

The U.S. against China – A battle for global trade supremacy fought on the backs of cryptocurrencies through contrary regulatory approaches

At the same time that China has launched its intense crackdown on #cryptocurrencies, in the U.S., Corporate America appears to be welcoming crypto, and liberal regulatory approaches seem to be on the rise. #cryptoregulation in the two biggest economies of the world appear more and more to be a proxy for the struggle between two

Welt geht Krypto – und Swiss Banking schaut zu, trotz regulatorischer Klarheit, solider staatlicher Rückendeckung und einem einzigartigen Blockchain Ökosystem

In letzter Zeit lassen sich vermehrt Beispiele beobachten, in denen sich traditionelle Banken mit Krypto-Angeboten positionieren, und entsprechend exponieren. Sie tun dies obwohl sie über schlechtere Startbedingungen wie der Schweizer Bankenplatz verfügt.  Was ist los mit unserem traditionellem Swiss Banking? Mit Seba oder Sygnum haben wir zwei Schweizer Anbieter, die den Zeitgeist früh erkannt und

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