Regulations and bans – What threatens crypto, bitcoin & co.; Markus Hammer and Patrick Schüffel in MoreThanDigital

Some say Bitcoin cannot be stopped, others claim it is only a matter of time before it is banned. At the same time, however, it is clear that states have no interest in strong parallel currencies and are under pressure to act. They have a whole arsenal of measures at their disposal for their reaction, which they can bring into position against Bitcoin. The Bitcoin price would correct accordingly.

The triumph of Bitcoin is unstoppable – these and similar statements are regularly heard from the supporters of cryptocurrencies. [1] The “digital gold” would inevitably replace state currencies as a store of value.[2] This is often justified with its technical nature as a decentrally organized currency, its already large distribution, and quantitative limitation to 21 million units. At the same time, there are also cautionary voices that expect Bitcoin to be regulated as a digital currency or even see ownership bans on the horizon. But what is actually meant by “the regulation” of the digital currency and what effect could it have on the Bitcoin market? This article explains how multifaceted regulation can be and outlines the arsenal of government intervention options and their potential impact.

The full article is published in MoreThanDigital here.

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